Saturday in Pictures

Good morning, a little light reading to start the day.

Robert Hughes Rome

It’s a plane! Over IKEA!

Ikea landscape

Eggs, bacon, home fries and tea to get the tummy going.

Ikea Breakfast

Swedish Pancakes for all.

Swedish Pancakes

Creepy clown mug, nightmare inducing? Let’s hope not.

Clown mug

Shopping, shopping, shopping!

Dress prints

Lunch! Beef, Barley Risotto and salad.

Barley Risotto

Glorious spring!

Mt Hood

Tree in spring

Mia and Tinkerbell playing in the yard, taking advantage of a beautiful day!

Mia in spring tink in spring

Making Blueberry, Cranberry, Pear Jam.

Berry Jam

Canned Jam

Settling to write this post, haha 🙂


Oh yes… and I saw a monkey man outside of Burgerville, shaking his groove thing while painting a Burgerville window. Fun times!

Monkey Man