Be My Guest

Step inside,

You’ll find skeletons in closets,

Mysteries and lies hanging from dusty chandeliers like dirty diamonds,

Fun house mirrors line the hallways,

Whispers follow you from room to empty room,

and all the windows are boarded up with gnarly wood and rusty nails.

Rest your weary head,

Let me show you my heart,

and stay awhile in this troubled mind of mine.


2 by 2

Intertwining fingers, sharing meals and updating relationship statuses, it was all happening as she stood there, her lonely hand tingling, her hard eyes witnessing the coupling of people like puzzle pieces.

Even the sad people she’d dismissed as doomed to be alone were finding love.

It was as if people were preparing for the Great Flood, pairing up to board Noah’s Ark.

Yet, she was still partnerless and loveless!

Maybe she is Noah in this scenario and her prince charming would be lured in by her impressive carpentry skills.

But no, she thinks. Spending countless hours pounding nails into wooden boards just isn’t her calling.

Maybe she is destined to be alone, in the midst of all the couples and partners and pairs,

the sole white dove looking for safety and stability, possessing only a single olive branch, thinking that everything will be alright.