Forgive Me Father

Forgive me Father,

For I ate you whole, your body melting on my tongue,

My sins still locked inside my chest,


Forgive me Father,

For I drank your blood, ‘til I was warm and woozy,

My sins piling on my conscience,

Like dirty laundry.

Forgive me Father,

For I took, took, took,

And gave nothing in return.

Forgive me Father,

Orphan that I am.


Free Spirit

Wet kisses down the curved spine of her back,

shivers, shudders,

curled white fingers, nails biting into her skin,

it’s too late.

In the morning, she feels it,

the pull of the shrouded mountains to the east.

Front door left open, leaves blowing in,

floating into dusty teacups.

The grandfather clock tells time to the yellowing wallpaper,

ignorant of




The chill is piercing, her feet are bare.

She climbs a tree.

Up, up, up,

above the canopy of clouds,

audience to the retreating sun and the chasing moon.


Her hairs whips her stinging face.

Old and white, her husband searches are fruitless,

his calls echo against the pines, against the deaf mountain.

A bird, black as the ocean depths,

circles, round and round, above the house

abandoned by the woman that long ago


A quick flash of a wing outside the window,

a glimpse is all the husband sees,

then the shine,

beckoning him, come.

On the sill, a perfectly round gold band,

her wedding ring,

ruins of a broken marriage.


Back home

Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma

So it’s been a little over a week that I’ve been back home in Portland and there really isn’t anything like home, is there? You can sleep in your own bed, take a long hot shower, speak English, cross the street with ease and pay with a debit card without worrying about racking up a whole bunch of fees.

But I miss my little apartment in Trastevere, the sounds of life happening right outside my window with a cool breeze coming in. I miss the walking, tons of walking each day in the hot weather. I miss the fountains and all the free water available for your enjoyment. I miss all my MU friends and the group dinners. And the art, the Italians… oh, Rome. But enough sadness, Rome will always be there, it’s up to me to visit it again!

I haven’t been very good about posting pictures on…

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