Cappuccinos, Miscommunication and Museum

Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma


On Wednesday, we start the day with a stop at a little cafe in Campo dei Fiori before heading over to the UW Rome Center for morning class. I promised myself that I would not spend curb my spending today (hard thing to do when traveling, let me tell you!) but again, I give in to the temptations of pleasure offered by Rome. I walk into the cafe and order a cappuccino that comes in a cute little white mug sitting on a saucer with a small silver spoon. There is no mind-boggling work of art made by the cappuccino foam but I’m completely fine with this, I’m in Rome and something so trivial shouldn’t be the cause for concern, no! Swirling in a bit of sugar, I take a taste with the spoon. This is one of the best coffee drinks I think I have ever had. It’s probably…

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