Galleria Borghese

Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma


Each day is a new adventure, each with its little triumphs and pleasure and awe here in Rome. Today I had my third cone of gelato. Usually, I’d be like feel completely guilty and reduce the amount of food that I eat for days after eating such a treat of delightfully frostyness. Here in Rome, my response to my gelato indulgences, “When in Rome…”


My gelato eating is also very much deserved after walking miles each day through the city. On Sunday our class went to Villa Borghese were the Galleria Borghese is located, across town from our neighborhood in Trastevere. Some decided to ride public transportation and others, like me, decided to walk. The day was hot, tourists were hot in full swing; we were dodging people, quickly crossing streets, and sweating the whole way. A gelato would have been a nice refresher, but no, not now! We had…

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