A Rite of Passage or Free Work?

For many students internships are a part of the birth into their field of study, whether that be graphic design, engineering, business, etc. While some are lucky and manage to land a paid internship, allowing them to work hard and also pay for food and bills, many get unpaid internships. The fact is that many of us students can’t afford to take unpaid internships, even if it could benefit our careers in the long term. Is the fact that students do work and are unpaid fair? The truth is that while interns might get a chance to be a part of meaningful projects and learn valuable lessons, many do menial work such as printing, copying and filing jobs. Is this just a fact of life, something that many have done before and have survived to tell tales of success and dream fulfillment?

I think that interns should get paid for work they do. Internships not only provided learning opportunities, but sometimes it can be difficult to even enter the world of a certain career without connections, making them essential to success.The truth is we need to help our student, making sure they are healthy and relatively happy, which can only be afforded by having a paying job. Lets pay our interns!


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