The Great Food Truck Race Episode 3

The trucks passed lots of farm land as they rode into Pocatello, Idaho; a town with the smallest population of any of the cities that the trucks have been to at this point in the competition. The weekend starts off right away with a challenge that a first seemed absolutely difficult to overcome; no selling of any food with high starches. We’re talking no rice, no chips, no tortillas, no bread, no corn… and no potatoes. No potatoes in America’s potato country. Goodness me, but Aloha Plate took it in stride as they seem to usually do. Frankfootas cleverly decided to sell bunless hot dogs on a stick. Philly’s Finest Samboni’s at first seems completely brought to near devastation. Samboni’s specialty is Philly cheesesteaks, meaning: meat, cheese, veggies (“wit of witout” as they like to say) and bread, which needless to remind is very high in starch. All the teams had to do some reworking of their menu and rework it they did.

Their first morning in Pocatello seemed to go well, all trucks found suitable location so sell, from the local farmers market to a motocross event. In the afternoon, all the trucks decided it was time to move to a new location. Aloha Plate and Frankfoota Truck made a silly mistake though. They were supposed to in Pocatello but due to their move, they inadvertently moved outside city limits, costing each truck $50 per hour in fines. Aloha’s fee was $150, while Frankfoota’s was $50. While it may not seem like much, it could make or break a team at this point.

Tyler, being the sly little show host he is, throws in another little challenge to the teams. In the middle of selling they are ordered to close up and drive to potato field they had been to previously in this episode. Here they are instructed to dig out their own potatoes and create a dish they showcases their spuds. The first teams to make $750 in sales will then need to close for the weekend and drive to a park where they’ll find three prizes. One of them is a potato worth $500 in the till, another is $250, and the last one is $50. All trucks want to get done first to get the $500, but only one can and that truck was Bowled and Beautiful. $250 was taken by Aloha Plate, this will definitely help them offset their fines and the $50 went towards Philly’s Finest Samboni’s.

Philly’s Finest Samboni’s didn’t leave Pocatello without leaving behind their mark. While driving to a new location, the team member driving the truck didn’t realize that he was driving too close to a store sign and positively ruined it by driving into it. This was a costly mistake of $500. Not good at all!

The next city of the food truck race to the finals: Rapid City! But one truck isn’t going, instead they’ll be trekking back home. Who was it? In first place: Bowled and Beautiful; second: Aloha Plate; third: Tikka Tikka Taco. The bottom two: Frankfoota Truck and Philly’s Finest Samboni’s. Tensions are high. Philly’s little accident could cost them the race. After some more delaying of results, raising the tension, Tyler announces that it’s time for the Brooklyn girls of the Frankfoota Truck to go back home. The team was very sad as they turned in their keys, but had hopes of opening a food truck in New York. Good job, girls!

Next stop: Rapid City, SD!


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