The Great Food Truck Race- Episode 2

The trucks came rolling into Portland, Oregon and it there was no shortness of drama. One of the issues faced by the gang was the weather: it rained. Well, duh. They filmed in the Pacific Northwest in the spring time, no surprise at all that the people weren’t out and about, swarming to the food trucks. Regardless of the rain (most of us around these parts are used to it already), a few of the trucks ran of the food because of hungry people buying food. The solution would be to go buy more stuff to make more food to make more money to stay in the race, right? Nope! A bit of the curve ball that Tyler threw at the contestants, after they had done their shopping of course, was that once they ran out of food they couldn’t shop for food, which meant that they would have to close up shop for the night. Morning came and still no word from Tyler, still no shopping. A few smart cookies parked out in front of grocery stores so that when the ban was lifted they could grab and buy all the goodies they needed. Tyler finally decides to call them and everyone is happy, but Tyler has got a few things up his sleeves. Each truck gets a delivery of some sort of clam called “geoduck”, pronounced “gooey-duck”. Are you scratching your head going what the heckaroo is geoduck? I was too, It’s not an attractive looking seafood, as you can tell from the picture.

The challenge: to incorporate geoduck in each dish they sell. The guys from Aloha plate were chill about the whole thing, they had heard about it before and had no issues whipping up ideas on how to use it. The gals from Bowled and Beautiful were pretty much squealing about it, not every having seen this creature before.

Tasty looking creations were made and sold. Tyler calls them up again, this time with a “Speed Bump”. Each team needs to sell $300, when they do they need to close their trucks, drive to Council Crest Park and the first team there will find a log disk with two axes stuck in it, meaning they get $500 in their till. $500 in the till could basically guarantee a safe spot and a ticket to the next city. Competition is tight and fierce. Boardwalk Breakfast Empire is the first to make the $300 and their off to Council Crest Park! But not so fast, Bowled and Beautiful have made it to $300 and head towards the park. Silly things that GPS’s are, Boardwalk Breakfast Empire gets lost. The girls of Bowled and Beautiful get the prize and the guys from Tikka Tikka Taco are right behind them, watching their lost prize in the hands of the winners.

Elimination time, always the toughest part of each episode, basically watching someone dreams get taken away. In first place in PDX: Aloha Plate, proving they were the true winners of this city since they didn’t even win the $500. In second place: Bowled and Beautiful, followed by Tikka Tikka Taco in third. The bottom two teams: Frankfoota and Boardwalk Breakfast Empire.

Boardwalk Breakfast Empire, you can’t always trust technology, guys. They were first team to make $300 but got lost on their way to the park, a trivial mistake indeed but one that cost them first place and potentially their spot in the race.

Frankfoota truck, they got a parking ticket and where in general lagging behind the rest of the competition, not even making the require $300 to get to Council Crest Park.

The moment of truth, whose turn was it to turn in their keys and go home? Boardwalk Breakfast Empire. It was emotional to say goodbye, the team leader had lost her restaurant in the devastation of Hurricane Sandy. As a nice touch, the amount of money earned by all the trucks was donated to the charity founded by the team of Boardwalk Breakfast Empire to help with Sandy survivors.

The remaining contestants let out a sigh of relief and got ready for the nice town, Pocatello, Idaho! Smile capital of the world! Until next week…


2 thoughts on “The Great Food Truck Race- Episode 2

  1. This is my first season watching the show. I enjoyed the Portland episode. It was interesting to see how the food would be received, at the prices they decided on ($20 for a teriyaki burger!). Saw the Idaho episode last night. Too bad the Spuds truck didn’t make it.

    • You are right, the Spuds truck would likely have excelled in Pocatello. I agree, sometimes the prices are high. I find myself wondering whether I would pay such prices if I were to go to one of the trucks.

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