Jekyll and Hyde Drivers

It can happen when you least expect it! Sweet, innocent and smiling one moment and then … dun dun dun!!!

Over lunch with some friends a few days ago, the conversation somehow zoomed towards driving and how we (perfectly nice) women can turn into raging whirls of fury when we get behind the wheel.

What is it that gets us so mad?

 – slow drivers (why are you driving so slow?!? It’s not like you’re using your own human energy to power the car!)

– dumb drivers (Just stop, seriously. Go home.)

– brakers (There is nothing in sight that justifies you braking for no reason, wtf man?!?)

I’m suprised that I don’t get to work with patches of bald spots on my scalp from the frustration sometimes. It’s not always terrible, but a nice refresher on  how to drive would really benefit a lot of people out there on the road, just sayin’. For example, yesterday morning I was driving behind a truck. It was a quiet morning, no traffic (just a truck in front of me), I hadn’t been stopped by any red lights, just perfect. Then, out of nowhere (and I mean nowhere) the truck brakes at the stoplight. The stoplight was green. Either the person was: (a) color blind, (b) spilled coffee all over himself (or it could very well have been a herself) or (c) just plain moronic. Anyway, after a few moments of me being completely bewildered on why I’m stopped behind a truck at a green light, the truck slowly wheels off and guess what? The light turned red in the mean time and I’m stuck there. Gah! Not cool truck driver person, not cool.

I’m sure I have my own faults as a driver, although I might not always admit it… but lets be real. We get comfortable in our bad habits when we drive and we can’t seem to break them! So, if you have an annoying driving habit (I’m talking to you, constant braker), respect your fellow drivers and break the habit!

– This has been a message on behalf of the Smartypants Chick Drive Better or Don’t Drive at All! program 🙂


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