The Future Beckons

The future beckons, urgent and exciting, across the glittering ocean.

Your heart will long for loves one left behind, your mind will be a treasury of memories, your body will adjust to your new surroundings while those that love you will wish you the very best, every day.

The future beckons, mysterious and intoxicating, across the glittering ocean.

O! The adventures you’ll experience, requisite of new life. Everything might be foreign for a while and your eyes will open, alert and suddenly aware of the littlest details.

The future beckons, magnetic and beautiful, across the glittering ocean.

One never thinks of having to say goodbye, even if it’s not really goodbye forever, even if it’s for a short while. But all the stories, you’ll have so many to tell!

The future beckons, dear one, don’t keep it waiting.


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