Bombing Antiquity

Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma

Italy isn’t all about easy living, peace and tranquility amongst ancient artwork, as we know, there were some pretty gruesome acts committed by power hungry emperors in the ancient past and in fairly recent times, there was the whole WWII situation. A one Benito Mussolini came to Fascist power over Italy, and he became buddy buddy with the terrible Adolf Hitler. Italy got sucked into WWII against the Allies. The Allies weren’t just sitting back, no. The Allies were invading Italy, trying to put an end to the war by such tactics like bombing. Let’s pause here for a moment, bombs + ancient artifacts = a whole bad situation. Luckily though, the Allies did remarkably well in avoiding hitting anything of historical value and only hit their targets. The one exception to this is a church: San Lorenzo, which has been rebuilt since then. Had religious sites been destroyed “the…

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