There Was No Italy Once Upon a Time

Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma

‘Tis true. Although today we think of Italy as Italy, land of ancient history, art, monuments, pasta, pizza and men in white togas, there was a time that Italy was “crippled by what it called campanilismo, the bewildering profusion of municipalities, local centers of power,” (Hughes, 355). So there really was no “Italy”! This made any travel nearly impossible and certainly unpleasant. A traveler would have to go through no less than 22 customs barriers (being subjects to fees and searches at each stop… and we think we have it bad no with airport security searches, ha!) and no common currency existed. What a mess. Being born in modern day Italy back in the around 1796 and saying “sono italiano” really didn’t mean much. The country was no united as one, so if you were born in Rome you were Roman, not Italian, for example. According to Hughes, “Florentines despised…

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