Tourist Problems

Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma

Let’s face it, tourists are not always the most welcome. They can be annoying, disrespectful to foreign cultures and customs, naive and they can just get in the way with their little fanny packs and guidebooks, or at least that’s the stereotypical portrait of tourists. These days there is a lot of information to help travelers be savvy and smart in foreign lands. You can read guidebooks at home so you have an idea of what to see at your travel destination, there are websites to help you learn about local culture and books hotels, museum tickets and flights. You can even get apps to help you learn key phrases in a foreign language!  People in the 18th century though had it more than a bit harder.

In Rome by Robert Hughes, he focuses on the difficulties of the English traveler wishing to visit Rome. First, there is the religion…

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