Rae & Tru


A predictable rollercoaster ride, with its steep climbs and sudden drops, twists and turns and abrupt finish, this is what it’s like. Tru, Rae’s sister, had no appetite or more than a bite to eat all the previous day. Rae wishes she could take away the pain that feels so physical, yet has no cure. It seemed like he was hers and she was his, but now he hides from Tru behind the glossy green door to his house. Tru’s eyes are puffy and red after a night of soaking her pillow with salt tears. Rae could hear her quiet sobs floating down from the top bunk of their bunk beds. I am here, Rae says but it doesn’t matter. To Tru there will be no others. She does not want to see him; she needs a day to forget she says. Rae knows that it will be just the opposite, a day of remembrance.

All she could give was her love and support. And breakfast. Rae splits an English muffin in half, failing to keep all the crumbs on the plate. English muffins always seem resistant to toasting; she has to set the toaster to inferno level just to get a meager tan on the bread. Meanwhile, with one quick swift flick of the wrist, she cracks open an egg into a microwave safe bowl and whips it with a fork. The pepper mill produces a fine powder of black pepper which she dusts one top of the whipped egg. In the microwave, the egg will grow three times in size, and then quickly deflate. The sun is out this morning, the sun coming through the windows, illuminating the kitchen with its warmth, the deep red of the tulips, freshly picked from the garden radiate from the vase on the kitchen table. What a difference to yesterday’s gray skies and ice frosted lawns. The sound of the toaster popping out the muffin punctuates the morning silence. Rae turns on the TV, putting on cartoons, the perfect breakfast entertainment. The cheese she puts on the English muffin quickly melts into a gooey mess; a slice of ham goes on next and to finish it off goes the fluffy egg. Rae serves this with a hash brown patty and a little Cutie tangerine. It’s a simple, yet beautiful breakfast. She imagines that all the words she can’t say, all the love she feels for Tru is also layered in the sandwich. She takes a picture of it all, plated and ready to eat. There is an immeasurable joy in making food for someone you care about, Rae thinks.

When Tru saw the sandwich Rae had made she told her she appreciates all that Rae does for her and for always being there. Rae could hear the crunch as Tru bit into the sandwich, the sound of pleasure as she tasted it, mixed in with the upbeat music coming from the TV.  Rae felt so happy to make something Tru could enjoy and take her mind off her boy problems; who needs boys, right?

Even though breakfast didn’t erase the pain of a break-up, a happy tummy and the love of sisters was enough to make this a beautiful moment that both girls would remember for a very long time.


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