Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma

In Roman times, along with many modern commodities like cars, frozen pizza and Twitter, the common people couldn’t really voice their opinions openly without fear of being killed in some spectacularly terrible way, such as being stuck in a gladiator arena with a lion. Yet, when something needs to be said, creative folks will find a way to do so and that’s exactly what the Roman people did. Hughes, in his book Rome, writes about the “talking statues” in Rome. No, people didn’t hide behind the statue and start talking giving the illusion that the statue was talking, although that might have been funny. The statues “served as vents for civic annoyance at a time when Romans had no access to any press.” The most popular of these talking statues was named Pasquino, hence the name of the vents: pasquinades.

One the pasquinades was came about when Pope Sixtus V…

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