Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma

Ancient Rome… what pops up in your mind? Marble? Togas? Big feasts? Perhaps all of these, and of course we are missing one of the major components of ancient Roman culture and entertainment: gladiator fights. There were fights between man and beast, beast and beast (known as venationes) and man to man combat. The Roman empire was very large, including parts of Africa. “The Roman empire in Africa furnished its arenas with what seemed, at first, to be an inexhaustible supply of wild animals… caged and alive, to be tormented… in the various arenas” (Hughes, 123). Sadly, due to this demand of gladiator fights with exotic animals, North African elephants became extinct in Roman times. You’d think that in today’s modern world, we’d be more kind to our animal friends and respectful of their lives. Unfortunately, there is a black market that is alive and well for animal parts for…

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