Dangers of Misunderstanding

Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma

Isn’t it hard to believe that one of the most powerful religions of today, Christianity, wasn’t always at the top? In Ancient Roman times “Christians were accused of every sort of perversion and impropriety, including ritually murdering children and eating their flesh,” (Hughes, 138). Imagine that! It seems like it’s hardwired in the human to exaggerate and make evil the things that are threatening and different to our own lifestyle. In the 1970s fears centered on so called “Satanic cults” that began emerging in the late 1960s. Satanists were feared to be brainwashing children, worshiping Satan and ritualistically sacrificing children. What a turn of events a few thousand years has done, before it was the pagan religious followers that persecuted Christians and in more current times it was the Christians persecuting so-called Satanists. In both cases, changes of culture lead to the targeting of a specific group of individuals. Pagans…

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