My drink of choice? Water, water, water. It’s so refreshing and good for your health. I make a point to drink plenty of it throughout the day, especially during these hot day of summer. I am fortunate to live in the Northwest and be able to drink water straight from the tap because the water is so clean and doesn’t taste funky, so not the case in Southern California (sorry, Californians!). But you know what, sometimes water is just so… so…. watery and you need something more flavorful. I’ve got just the thing to satisfy: fruit infused water. And the best part, you get to eat the tasty fruit afterwards! There are so many different variations of this drink that you could make and I’m sure each would be tasty in their own way.


a ripe, juicy plum

an orange

a squirt of lemon juice



Cut up the fruit, however you’d like, and place in a mason jar or something that has a lid. Add filtered water or tap water if you are able. Cover your jar and allow the water and fruit to sit in the refrigerator for at least an hour. Then, drink up! Cin-cin!


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