The challenge: use as many words that start with the letter “v” as possible!

As soon as my bare toes touch the soft, grassy ground of my dream world, the vastness of my world expands, the everyday concerns vaporize and float away.

It is here that I visit mysterious lands, tropical and bright, vanillas vines wrapped tight around the trunks of tree that form the green canopy above, the scent of vanilla permeating the air.

It is here that I venture into a welcoming village, learning the values and traditions of a lifestyle quickly vanishing like smoke, a life whose concerns aren’t the trivial vanities of where I come from, but rather in preserving culture.

It is here that I embark on a river voyage, traveling downstream in a canoe carved from one of the majestic tress, the men and women vocalizing and singing a haunting song that trails behind us like a veil.

It is here that we climb to the top of a volcanic mountain, leaning to peer into its gaping mouth, the ground beneath us trembling from the powerful movement of molten lava far below, the orange glow radiating heat off my face.

It is here on the highest peak of my dream world that the villagers tell me I must jump and be frees, letting the volcano purge me of the old life of pain, secrets, lies, hate and mistakes. I will be reborn, they promise and the virtues they have shown me will be instilled in my soul’s memory.

It is here that I stand on the edge of falling, looking up at the sky, the velvety clouds drifting past, that I leap.

It is here that I fall, feeling the freest I have ever felt and in a flash, I am awake in my bed in a tangle of sheets with my heart still racing, heavy with the love of a distant dream that is already fading away like the morning fog.


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