When I say I want to be understood please don’t misunderstand my meaning. I do not mean that I would like my brain probed and poked and picked by a long stainless stick. Nor do I mean for my heart to be dissected as it were a toad, splayed open for the examination of immature middle schoolers, wrinkling their noses at the smell of formaldehyde and… I digress in my quest to be understood. What I mean to say is that while it would give me great pleasure to know we meet eye to eye on many things like we agree doggies should not be left alone in cars on hot summer days and that dancing and laughing are two of life’s most wonderful treasures, I would like to know that you know and understand that I am a mystery sometimes that even I don’t understand, hence the inexplicable giggle attacks, sudden blushes and grumpy moods. Let it be clear that I am not a patient to psychoanalyze nor am I a science experiment. Accept me as I am, that is what I mean to say when I wish to be understood.


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