I get lost in remembrances, trapped in the webs of events of years past, too late to change the reality that came from the paths I have chosen. The things I wish I had done or said so clear to me now, I wonder what I was so distracted by at the time that I was so blind as to the right decisions. Regrets? No, the negative impacts of chaos meteors hitting my world have made me appreciate the moments of peace and happiness: a nap on the beach on a sunny day, reading a book in the summer breeze shaded by a wise tree, and dancing carefree. I don’t only remember the bad things, but also the good things I have experienced and I worry that one day all those experiences will break down, I will be left with nothing. I won’t remember the sound of a loved one’s voice or their face, important dates, walks with my grandma, the warmth of a pet, the tingle of a touch. Perhaps this is why I write, so that I will always remember and will be remembered, until blood and paper, sweat and hard-drives have disintegrated and swallowed by the ground, a part of the Earth’s collective memory.


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