Mysterious Origins

Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma

Rome’s beginning is one of myth. According to legend, Rome was started by orphans Romulus and Remus, who were dumped into the Tiber river by Amulius’ men. They got stuck in some mud and a she-wolf happened upon them and she nourished them with her milk, ultimately saving their lives. Both men grow up and eventually overthrow the man that ordered them to be thrown into the river and restore their grandfather, Numitor to his rightful place as king. They then decided to start a new settlement on the banks of the Tiber, thus founding the city of Rome (which was supposedly founded by Romulus, which is why Rome bears his name). Beside giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “being thrown to the wolves”, this myth is a one that lives on and captures one’s imagination. In the book Rome by Robert Hughes he states “no more ambitious…

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