Vacation Eyes and Rome’s Fountains

Here’s what I’m working on in preparation for my trip to Rome!

Smartypants Chick Goes to Roma

When on vacation even the most ordinary things can have a magical effect on you because you are seeing these in a more appreciative way, unlike people that live in that particular city or country. The buildings I see and the roads I traverse daily are things that I’m nearly blind to; I don’t take the time to really see them and the beauty of the everyday. Hughes’ Prologue in Rome clearly has an example of this: “Even the potato, a dull-looking growth as a rule, took on a sort of tuberous grandeur in this Mediterranean light” (5). Who knew that some that “dull-looking” as a potato could be seen as anything more than lumpy and brown? I think that traveling opens up one’s eyes and then you carry those memories of awe in you forever. I know that when I was traveling to Ecuador everything was new, exciting and…

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