The clock has struck midnight, it’s time to flee, off to the carriage in haste and you, glass slipper, are left on the marble steps to the prince’s castle, where inside couples dance and whisper in each other’s ears as they sip on honeyed wine and pink cheeked women glow from the flickering flames of a thousand lit candles. The moon is full and bright making you, glass slipper, sparkle in the prince’s hand as he picks you up. As we all know the story we expect the ending to be a happy one, the one where the prince finds the girl that has your twin pair, glass slipper, the girl that left you there on the steps that night, the girl that becomes the prince’s wife after a single encounter. But what if you, glass slipper, had never found your rightful owner? What if you had shattered as you slipped off the girls’ foot or fell from the prince’s clumsy hands? The prince might have had to marry a boring rich lady or lived a life of solitude and longing. The girl might have become a farmer’s wife or remained a servant girl for her cruel stepmother. The glitter of a happily ever after would have been just a beautiful dream on nights that the girl would cry herself to sleep. And you, glass slipper, without your match would become a useless trinket, undesirable and eventually forgotten, left to gather dust till the end of time.


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