In this space you can let it all go: dark, intimate, anonymous. At the threshold, your quiet insecurity slips off your bare shoulders and the exposing chill raises goose bumps on your arms. The only way to warm up is to let the music enter your soul and speak through the fluid uninhibited movements of your legs, hips, arms, the confidence in you sparking to life, flickering and then flaming, radiating, and drawing others to you like moths to a single flame. This is dance, a moment of sweet assurance in your body knowing exactly what to do, in a room of others discovering the same universal language and speaking together, hands holding and letting go, moving from partner to partner, sharing the excitement. At the toll of midnight, at the door ready to go back to the world, already the brittle confidence you’ve gained breaking and the worries of the everyday expanding to fill the cracks; you look back promising you’ll dance again…sometime soon and out to the lonely city you go.



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