Oh June…


Already we are down to the last hours of you, June. You’ve been a month filled with plenty of good moments, you’ve been a busy one!

Summer is now underway, as the 80+ degrees weather and blazing sun serve to prove. Graduations, a wedding, new friends, dancing, readings, you’ve brought them all!

Today, the last day of June, was spent volunteering at the Race for the Animals in Mt. Tabor park. Before it was 8:00, I’d already hiked quite a bit to get to the location on the course where I served to direct runners and also cheer them on. As I stood there, smiling and pointing up the course, I witness lots of ways in which people run. Some sprint, some gallop, some run like their on slow-mo, some keep their elbows in close to their bodies, some pump their arms as if this the engine that propels them forward and some flail about. Some runners ignored me, which for me to not see them in their panty, sweaty way perhaps; some would smile; some would say hi and others would thank me for volunteering. It was a great way to end June. In order to best greet the new month of July, it’s best to rest up from the busy day!

I hope you all had a great month and are looking forward to this new month!


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