Worrywort Conversation

A daily prompt I read on the The Daily at WordPress.com inspired me to write this little fun piece, which is a conversation to a trait in yourself that you’d like to see go. Try it out! It’s a fun exercise in writing and venting.

Hey you! Yes you… the worrywart-in-me, we need to talk. Listen, we’ve been together for a long long time. I won’t deny that at first you did make me more cautious and pay closer attention to detail to avoid humiliating mistakes, but it’s gotten to be too much. I feel that your hot breath is on my neck all the time as you hover over me, making me question the more ridiculous decisions I make. I know, I know. I’m the one that invited you to move in, even giving you a chest in my chest of drawers and letting you sleep on the couch. But to be fair, you said this was only temporary. You said you were looking in the classifieds for another place, maybe even get a job! Instead you simply got more comfortable with me, eventually slipping into my bed in the middle of the night, making it too hot and my nights became restless. You started coming with me on errand runs, to my work, to my school, even to my dance classes. Always you were always there, in those black skinny jeans, black turtleneck, dark tinted sunglasses and black beret. Ah ah ah, please don’t try to interrupt me, I’m getting down to the point here, which is that you need to go. There’s no more room for you in my life. No, I’m not giving you a second chance. Let me lead you to the door, oh no need to worry about giving me your keys, I’ve changed the locks. Ok, off you go, best of luck, have a nice life, I won’t miss you, see you never, goodbye!


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