When I was in California a few years ago, my aunt had made some pupusas at my grandma’s house and they were really tasty. In some Hispanic markets in California, you can buy freshly made pupusas to enjoy for lunch or dinner. Somehow, I recently got it into my head to attempt to make them with the help of my mom. Before I delved into my pupusa making experience I watched a few youtube videos to get an idea of how they are assembled. The woman that I watched make them was making pupusas at top notch speed and humbly said she makes 300 to 400 of them per day. Feeling pretty confident, my mom and I started assembling them and then my mom started cooking them on a griddle while I continued making them. Some would crack and the filling would come out, some were made too thin, some came close to perfect, some were really moist and some were bordering on dry and by the time we finished we’d make about 24 of them and I was pupusa’d out! Not so easy to make, I greatly admire that pupusa lady that makes hundreds per day. Although they took some work to make, they turned out pretty tasty; my family and I enjoyed the fruits of my mom and my labor. When you make these pupasas make sure to elicit the help of a few friends and family members and then they can help you eat them! Munch!


1 pound ground beef

1 diced onion

salt, pepper and spices to taste

5 cups masa harina (corn flour)

5 cups water

1/2 pound of mozzarella cheese


In a nonstick skillet cook the onions until soft. Add the beef, salt, pepper and spices. Cook until browned and well done. Transfer the meat into a bowl and allow to cool slightly. While it’s cooking, place the flour in a large mixing bowl and add water slowly until a stiff, yet moist dough is formed. Take a small chunk of dough, about the size of a golf ball and with your hands, flatten the dough ball into a slightly thick tortilla-like disk. Put about a tablespoon of meat and a teaspoon of cheese into the middle of the tortilla. Then fold the dough over the filling until completely enclosed, flattening into into a disk. You might need to slightly wet your hand to smooth over a cracks in the dough. In a very hot griddle, cook the pupusas on each side until golden brown.

Serve hot! Enjoy with pickled red onion on top or any sauce you might like. Hmm!


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