I am the Smartypants Chick and I am…

… iPhone addicted. Or used to be, sort-of am still sometimes. It’s the sad truth. I go on Facebook, I check my e-mail, I text people, I instagram stuff, I play Words with Friends (oh so fun!) I check the time, I set alarms, I get directions, gah! I do everything on my iPhone. I admit, this technology is very helpful and it’s hard to believe that I used to have to print out maps (so antiquated!) instead of having Siri just tell me what to do. But I started to notice this obsessive behavior in myself. If I was bored, I’d use my phone. If I was standing in line, I’d use my phone. If I had a few minutes of free-time, I’d use my phone. You see the trend here. It was starting to become such a big part of my daily life and it made me feel guilty. Instead of going up to talk to someone, or fully concentrate on a movie, or read, I would go on my phone. Not ok. In the past, I have forgotten my phone at home and I’ve gone the entire work day without. Without my phone I felt that something essential to my being was missing. I relied on my phone way  too much. In my technology class last term, we spoke about how cellphone and especially smartphone technology has made it so that some professionals have extended their work days because they take their work home with them, by checking their email or answering work related calls for example. It really opened my eyes when a person in our class stated that we all still have a choice. We can choose not to answer and let it go to voicemail. Right? Right. But so many of us don’t. I for one like to respond to texts as soon as I get them, even if it’s some stupid thing. So, for this past week or so I been very strict with myself and not allowing myself to use my phone at all during work until it’s during my designated breaks or lunch time. At times, I find that I’m automatically reaching for my phone for no reason whatsoever. I catch myself and pull away. And when break time rolls around, there nothing super important that I’ve missed like the earth is ending later that day, in which case it really wouldn’t matter if you kick your iPhone addiction/obsession to the curb. Going into my second week of Mission: No iPhone Obsession Or Else… ha! I hope that if you realize a reliance/ obsession/ addiction to the iPhone or any smartphone or other technologies you’ll be able to take steps to pull yourself away from it, no matter how hard the separation. Best of luck to me and to you!


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