Have your cake and veggies too!

It’s no secret, I’m a self proclaimed carrot hater. There’s just something about them that I don’t like, the only carrots I semi-like are baby carrots but once they hit adulthood… which might be one of the reasons I wear glasses, but oh well. In a effort to perhaps come to tolerate carrots, I started searching recipes using carrots that seemed interesting. I’d already discovered that shredding carrots and “hiding” them in my food was acceptable but I wanted something more interesting to make. When I found a recipe for a carrot cake milkshake I was very intrigued and also a bit worried, carrots in a milkshake? Yes, carrots in a milkshake and guess what? It was pretty darn tasty! Couldn’t really even taste the carrot much! Try it and be pleasantly surprised, it’s sweet and you’ll only feel like you’re having a really indulgent treat. It really is like having your cake and veggies too!


3/4 cup milk

1 ripe frozen banana

sugar, to taste

1 medium steamed carrot, cooled

1/2 tsp cinnamon

1/2 tsp vanilla extract


Put all the ingredients in the blender and blend it until smooth, you can add ice if you want to make this colder or thicker, or you can add more milk to thin it out. Pour in a cool glass ( I used a mason jar) and add some whipped topping, pop a straw in there and you’ve got yourself a yummy drink. And you can say “Look ma! I’m drinking my carrots!” Won’t she be proud!


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