Let’s celebrate stuff weekend!


It all started on Friday with me making cutesie monsters…


On Saturday, I was invited to go to a wedding. The drive there was quite lovely (you can see my arm in the picture!)

IMG_5563 IMG_5564 IMG_5561 IMG_5566

The wedding was at Silver Falls Park. It was a sunny, warm day and overall perfect wedding weather.

The cake, pictured here, was there for all to admire and eat!

IMG_5590 IMG_5573 IMG_5591

After the wedding, I zipped over to Portland for my sister’s high school graduation. It was a large class, meaning lots of sitting time in uncomfortable seats, meaning sore butts for all present. That’s quite alright though, I was so proud to see my sister walk and getting recognized for graduating.


Sunday, today, was another sunny day and my car needed a good scrubbing. After  I washed it, it looked red hot and clean!


I admired this berry that is growing out of a strawberry plant we have. I hope we get a good amount of strawberries.


I got a good amount of grilled protein at lunch, with a side of rainbow.


Mount Hood looked positively glowing against the clear blue sky.


Mia modeled for me and demonstrated the proper “I’m so glad it’s summer weather time” face.

Then I procrastinated finishing a final paper (8 out of 10 pages, done!) and watched Mama. It was alright (shrug).

Then some more procrastination happened and I saw…

… and I loved it.

Whew! Lot’s of pictures for this weekend. Here’s to everyone having a good week!



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