Reasons why he or she doesn’t answer your texts, emails, or calls

They are…

  1. sleeping
  2. helping their mother move boxes into the basement
  3. fighting crime as their alter-ego self
  4. watching guilty pleasure reality TV
  5. walking the dog
  6. almost out of phone battery-life
  7. stranded in the forest with no reception
  8. being abducted by aliens
  9. busy inventing the next best thing since electricity
  10. in a coma
  11. not sure what to say to you so they ignore you
  12. inoculating infants in a third-world country
  13. exercising
  14. climbing Mount Everest
  15. traveling  back in time (hello, time machine!)
  16. in class
  17. in a boring work meeting
  18. throwing their phone into the ocean, old-lady-at-the-end-of-the-Titanic-style
  19. realizing they forgot their phone on the bus

Or worst of all, they don’t care about you at all.


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