Dream Summer Wish list

IMG_5550Oh summer! I’m so ready for you! Your warm, sunny days fill me with a happiness that only your brightness can bring. Living in Oregon can be tough for sunshine lovers, like myself. I love it here in the beaver state, but all that “liquid sunshine” baloney doesn’t cut it for me come April when I’m hungry for a pretty day.

This summer needs to rock. It needs to be awesome, but what would make it awesome? Hmmm….

  1. Getting a tattoo with my lovelies (mom and sister)
  2. Going to Disneyland (ain’t gonna happen, but I can dream… sigh)
  3. Wearing a swimsuit and saying whatevs to what people think about my body
  4. Picking blackberries and making blackberry jam
  5. Going on a road trip and singing to music with the windows rolled down
  6. Going salsa dancing
  7. Going belly dancing
  8. Having a video game night
  9. Have an all-nighter
  10. Take a nap on the beach
  11. Go hiking
  12. Have an awesome BBQ
  13. Hang out with all the people that are important to me
  14. Sleep in
  15. Read non-school related stuff
  16. Do absolutely nothing and not feel guilty about it
  17. Eat something that I’ve been avoiding but secretly crave but have depraved myself of (!)
  18. Go to karaoke night
  19. Make new friends
  20. See the sunrise
  21. Go stargazing
  22. Go camping
  23. Stop being so rigid with my schedule
  24. Go to Rome
  25. Learn Italian

Yes, all that and more would make summer awesome. Here’s to summer being rad and to blogging about it to share with y’all!


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