My final project for my Book Arts class is to make a hand bound book. I decided to publish many of the prose pieces that I’ve posted on here and titled the collection Reflections. It was a stressful ordeal of setting the type and pressing the cover title; learning and forgetting and then relearning how to use InDesign for the “filling” inside the cover; and putting together both components without tearing out my hair with frustration. I’m happy to report my hair was not harmed in the making of my book.

I got the chance to read about self-publishing in my class and how as an writer, my works is mine and that I don’t need to conform my writing to fit to the liking of a big house publisher. A book doesn’t need to be a bestseller in order to influence someone. If  someone likes my writing and  it means something to them, wow. I’m a happy girl. So many times, I bring myself down. I’m not good enough, my writing is mediocre. But as a writer, you have to get past that and just write because you love it. Write because what you have to say matters.

different typecomposing stick





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