Roman Wisdom

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I’m reading this brick of a book called “Rome” by Robert Hughes in preparation for my travels to Rome, Italy(!). It’s an amazing and in-depth book about the history of this magical city.  I thought it would be nice to share here a quote by Leon Battista Alberti:

“Some admire a woman for being extremely slender and fine shaped; the young gentleman in Terence preferred a girl that was plump and fleshy; you perhaps are for a medium between these two extremes, and would neither have her so thin as to seem wasted with sickness, nor so strong and robust as it she were a Ploughman in disguise, and were fit for boxing: in short, you would like her such a beauty as might be formed by taking first what the second might spare. But then, because one pleases you more than the other, would you therefore affirm the other to be not at all handsome or graceful? By no means…”

You sir, Mr. Alberti, are awesome. I love that this ancient Roman is talking about how women come in different shapes and sizes and must be loved as they are and just because she doesn’t please the eye of one person it does not mean that she is not beautiful. Now, of course, we know that looks are not as important as a person personality and inner beauty, but in today’s society so much importance is placed on the exterior of a person. What would the economy of today be without all those products that are meant to make us look like a better version of ourselves? Women didn’t have as prominent place (or voice) in ancient societies as we do now, and that’s not the point of this post, we know we don’t need to please anyone but ourselves. But I think that we should remember that regardless of what kind of body you were born with, you are beautiful!


2 thoughts on “Roman Wisdom

  1. I’m terribly jealous that you’ll be visiting the Eternal City. Swing by my desk on Monday, I have some Rome books for you.

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