Can I Have It Now?


It’s a funny thing buying things that have been used to the point of boredom by the original owners and in the hope having making a profit off those used items “ HUGE” sales are held. If only things could talk, what would they say about the lives they’ve witnessed? A few times I’ve gone to estate sales. The original owners didn’t stick around to sell their used crap, they’ve died and now the family members are left to get rid of the stuff, left in charge of getting rid of someone’s life. Imagine if the ghost of that person was still in the house, what would they think of me buying their chipped teacup or their silver ring for pocket change? This is what they are reduced to: nickels and dimes and single dollar bills until every little thing is gone and all is left is musty air. As I hold what might have once been a precious item, I walk toward the corner of the living room of this dead person who I never knew and whisper “Can I have it now?”


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