Is it wrong to miss the bones? I am on the edge, toes curled, as if to leap, is that really my intention? I want adrenaline’s kiss. I want I want I want and nothing can stop my toxic desires but me. Help me. No one knows that I am a runaway truck, going downhill. The monster tempted and tricked me and now has me captive. The reflection in the mirror is a faded version of me, already I am turning gray at my fingertips. Soon, I will have no voice. I am leaning too far over the edge and losing my balance. I want perfection’s touch. I’m so close; I can feel its warmth. I have closed my eyes and I think I that I am in control but I’m not. The enemy is inside. Time is a spectator, pulling out the daisy’s white petals until it’s all over. I love me, I love me not. I want confidence’s glow. I want I want I want and nothing can save me. Is it wrong to want to be saved? I am holding my breath as I fall, waiting to be caught.


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