Birthday Edition!

IMG_5267Today is my birthday! Yay! Who else is celebrating their birthday today? Well… another Elizabeth who also happens to be the Queen of England! Yup, it feels pretty darn cool to celebrate your birthday on the same day as a royal that has the same name as you do. But in all seriousness, I realize this weird way about thinking about my age. Sometimes, I feel so old when after a week of work and school and homework, a date night with the couch vegging out on the TV sounds like heaven. I feel like I should be out with friends and having fun What a bore I am, I think to myself. Then there are times when I see people my age already graduated, already married, already with kids, already bought their first house and I feel like an old maid. Why am I still in school? Why haven’t I found “The One”? Today I realized that I’m still only 23! Why am I worrying about all these things when I still have so much time? If I were 80 years old then I might have cause for concern. What might be  right for one person  might not be right for me just yet. All that I will accomplish by worrying all the time is to get gray hairs and wrinkles faster! Haha. So what I have to say to myself today is this: Don’t rush growing up! You still have your whole life ahead of you.


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