My Personal Manifesto

Update Personal Manifesto

In high school we were asked to write a personal manifesto. Since then I’ve been through a lot, ups and downs, and it makes me smile to look back to what I wrote as my manifesto, my ideas on how I should live. I think that even though I know so much more know than I did when I was 18, I think that I should still keep some of these ideas in life. It’s important to appreciate the simplicities of life and not let tough life experiences make us negative and give up hope in life. Here is the wisdom I gave myself as a senior in high school:

~My Personal Manifesto~

Always look at the positive in the world

Indulge… eat delicious desserts (and meals too!)

Be good to yourself, don’t procrastinate

Blare your favorite song while driving with the windows down

Relax and bake cupcakes

Find moments to reward yourself for your hard work

Laugh until tears roll down your cheeks

Find joy in the simple things in life

Take care of the Earth, it’s very precious

Don’t worry, the tough times give way to better things

Be adventurous, try new things

Love and love others

Give yourself some slack! You are your toughest critic

Travel, immerse yourself in foreign customs and traditions

Lose yourself in a good book

Watch good movies that make you laugh and cry

Keep in contact with all the people that love and care about you

Trust your instincts and respect yourself

Forgive yourself for for mistakes: you’re only human

Take pictures to capture special moments forever

Live today like it’s your last day on Earth

Reading this list makes me want to hug my younger self and say that it’s important to stay true to myself and trust that everything will work out and keep my own words in mind daily. Everyone should take the time to write their own manifesto and put it somewhere that will be seen every day. What would your personal manifesto say?



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