The Woes of a Customer Service Rep


Yesterday, a very unhappy man called my customer service department and I just so happened to answer. In one and a half years of working at my current work place, I’ve had many angry people call but I’d never had any one call and actually swear at me. Sure, I’ve had people swear at the situation but never directed at me! Well, I guess there’s a first for everything. What I ask myself is does this person not understand that I am in no position to make changes that would benefit them? Does this person not realize that I am a person? With feelings and opinions too? The situation reminded me of a piece that I wrote a few months ago for a short prose class that I thought I’d share here!

Advice to My Next Customer Service Caller

Know that I am charge. I’m here to help you. I’m not here for you to take up my time with pointless complaints or as the dartboard for your sharp attacks on what’s wrong in the world. Clear? Good. That robotic sounding lady that answers when you call? She’s telling you to have your crap together when you call and by that we mean you better not be eating, talking with your friend from Arkansas that you haven’t seen since who knows what century, don’t be driving or watching TV at full blast. Don’t even think about putting me on speaker phone. Being prepared doesn’t mean blurting your name, date of birth and I.D. number at me as soon as I answer the phone. I will ask you to repeat. You will get irritated. You will deserve it. Also, clear any nasty phlegmy stuff out of your throat before you call. Ugh. Don’t assume that I know exactly what you are talking about. I’m not a mind reader and if I were, you bet your bottom dollar I’d be using that to make some money. Now, with that said… how may I help you?


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